More than just a Resort Hotel in La Spezia

Your Resort for holidays, weddings and events

Ippotur it’s a Medieval Resort located within a centuries-old pine forest, just 6 km from the sea and near the ancient village of Castelnuovo Magra, in the province of La Spezia. The Resort takes the form of a Renaissance courtyard that covers an area of 140 thousand m² on the “Sun Hills”, in a unique position on the slopes of the Apuan Alps where the view extends from Val di Magra to Versilia and beyond. The Resort enjoys a unique geographical position: a strategic hub between Tuscany and Liguria where, within a radius of 30 km, you can visit tourist destinations of universal historical value among beautiful landscapes.

Over the centuries, the land’s south-facing orientation has promoted ancient agricultural settlements and terraces for olive trees and vineyards. Today our pine forest, which is protected area of archaeological interest, still preserves the traces of those ancestral dwellings, alongside a rich variety of flora and fauna.

The Resort between Tuscany and Liguria

Faithful to the territory, and proud to promote and protect it

Ippotur was born out of the renovation of ancient fortifications perched on a wooded hill in the Lunigiana. The guiding lines of our project were:

  • Contact with nature
  • Care over environmental impact
  • Cultivating rural life
  • Food and wine culture
  • Preservation and dissemination of regional identities, traditions and folklore

These are values that inform Ippotur’s vision of tourism. We are a tourist company that offers high-level hospitality and gastronomy with excellent value for money.

he cottages recall the typical architectural style of the region

Our cottages are built in masonry maintaining the style of the original architectures. They have 4 beds, and are carefully finished and furnished for functionality and completeness: bathroom, living room with kitchenette and two beds on the ground floor and another two on the first floor.

The restaurant and the Club House are renovated fortresses

The restaurant inside the Resort was created from the restoration of Rocca Sir Orso, an ancient Renaissance fortress. By contrast, the second building was created as a customs entrance to the village, and over the centuries it has been used in a wide variety of ways. The build dates of both buildings have been lost in the oldest land registry maps.

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